As spring approaches, it is an excellent time to improve your wedge play by practicing in the golf domes. The most important factor in becoming a good wedge player is distance control. Gaining a feel and understanding of how far the ball will fly increases the player’s chance to get up and down and saving par or making birdie.

The technique to hitting a good pitch shot is to set-up with a narrow stance, placing ninety percent of the weight on the foot closest to the target. The ball position should be back in the stance and the club should be gripped down. As you swing back, keep the weight on the lead foot and let the wrist cock. On the downswing, let the arms and the club swing down, maintaining the cock in the wrist. Let the club strike the ball and the ground while keeping the hands ahead of the club face through impact. The downward hit on the ball makes the ball go in the air, not a lifting motion. The distance of the shot is controlled by the length and the pace of the swing.

Practice hitting shots of varying distances using this technique and never hit the same distance of shot more than three swings in a row. Spend 30 minutes per week practicing your pitch shots and your handicap will improve in the spring. Guaranteed!!