When you are playing golf in the upper Midwest, you are likely to encounter situations were you have to hit out of the trees if you hit a wayward drive. When faced with the situation of having to recover from the woods follow these steps.

The first priority hitting out of the trees is to select a shot that will get you out of the trouble and into a position that will not cost you another shot.

Your club selection should be based on the lie of the golf ball and the trajectory that you need to hit the shot. In most situations you are going to have to hit the ball low and through a narrow opening.

If the situation calls for a low shot, select the club that will produce that trajectory, as well as, the desired distance. To help control the distance, grip down on the handle of the club. Next, move the ball back in your stance and set up with your weight on your foot closest to the target.

In making the swing, get the club working up steeper than normal in the takeaway using the wrist. The length of the backswing will be shorter that a normal full swing. Keep the majority of your weight on your target foot and hit down and through keeping the hands ahead of the clubface through impact.

This controlled shorter swing will produce a low ball flight that gets you out of trouble and into a position where you can minimize your error.