When face with a shot over a bunker or mound with very little green to work with, it becomes necessary to hit the ball high in the air and land it softly to get the ball close to the hole.

It is easiest to hit the lob shot with either a sand wedge or a lob wedge (60 degree wedge) and executing it requires the following steps.

  • To add loft to the club by opening the club face. Also, widen the stance and lower your hands. Set up with more knee flex and more bend from the hips than normal.
  • Align the body open in relationship to the target line to accommodate the open club face.
  • Make sure your fingers, wrist, and forearms are very soft and relaxed. This aids in the shot being struck softly.
  • Keeping the majority of weight on the foot closest to the target and make a back swing using a great deal of wrist cock. Because of the added loft of the club, this shot requires a much bigger back swing than would be employed for a normal shot if the same length.
  • Swing down through impact and try to slide the face of the club under the golf ball.  Maintain the loft of the club by not allowing the hands to turn over the club face.
  • Let the momentum of the swing carry the hands to a high finish.

Even though we make a big swing with this shot, there is not a lot of force involved.  Let gravity and the drop of the arms do most of the work here.

This shot require practice to become comfortable with it, but is a valuable stroke saver.