Golf Lessons

Golf lessons are available in the form of individual lessons, group lessons, golf schools and summer clinics. Click on the title below for more details. Cragun’s Legacy Courses located in Brainerd, Minnesota is the home base and headquarters for Chris Foley Golf.

Private Instruction

All private instruction includes use of the most technologically advanced digital video equipment, TrackMan and teaching aids to help you get as much feedback as possible to accelerate the learning process.

Following the lesson, students receive access to to view and download their lesson videos as well as summary notes on what to practice and concentrate on.

Lessons are available 7 days a week.

Semi-Private Instruction/Clinics

Individualized instruction in a group setting with one or more of our PGA Professionals. We’ll design a clinic based on your group’s needs and ability level. This is an ideal way to introduce the game to the beginners in your group or a great team building activity. One hour in length.

“Train Like the Pros”

Includes 3 hours of instruction covering the full swing and short game. Will be geared to the golfer(s) needs. Can include on-course instruction. Makes use of all of your teaching technology including TrackMan and multiple camera video system.

1 Person – $255/each

Add Person(s) – $115/each

Lesson Example Videos

Golf Lesson Utilizing TrackMan
Our Multi-camera Video System

Our Technology

We use the most advanced technology available to get the best performance with our students. Our technology speeds the learning process, creates better understanding, and makes our lessons more fun.

Trackman Launch Monitor / Club Fitting

This is the newest technology available and measures ball flight in terms of ball speed, launch angle, backspin, sidespin, and push-pull angle. Using ball flight data, a golfer can be fit into a golf club that optimizes distance. This is by far the most sophisticated and efficient way to get a driver that will truly improve your game.

Video Analysis / JC Video

We use the most technologically advanced video system to analyze the golf swing. JC Video system allows us to show the student exactly why they are producing their ball flight and how to correct it. Following the lesson, the student receives an assessment of what they need to work on.

Putting Analysis – TOMI Putt

Our digital video putting system enables us to accurately measure the putting stroke characteristics and pin point potential areas of improvement. The system helps determine optimum putting technique and equipment setup.