Summer Junior Golf Development

The USA Junior National Training program is the nations first long term player developmentprogram.  The program contains five teams or “levels”: Developmental I & Devlopmental II.

This high performance coaching program now is available in five regions across the USA. The mission of this program is:
•  To mentor, guide and encourage our athletes and to make a difference in their lives.
•  To provide young people with a world class coaching environment in a positive and inspirational manner.
•  To develop our athletes into nationally and internationally ranked junior golfers.
•  To provide our athletes with some of the best coaching and training facilities in the nation.

In addition to many areas of coaching, athletes will also compete in several matches throughout the year, with other US Regions. Also, for those athletes who qualify, Team USA will travel to matches against other International Junior Golf teams.

Full Description & Registration

Developmental 1 – ages 6-10

Introduces playing the game and key golf fundamentals.   Development of fundamental athletic movement skills, golf fundamental movement skills, and teach general overall sports skills. Open to boys and girls. 

Key Concepts: 
• Grip – effective and functioning grip 
• Stance – routine or procedure for each shot 
• Alignment – aiming the clubface and aligning the body 
• Scoring – how to keep each other’s score 
• Etiquette – where to stand, quite, bunkers, pitch marks 
• Chipping/Pitching/Putting – angle of club at impact, loft, roll vs. carry 

Evening Program same dates as above but from 5:00 pm-7:00 pm

Development 2 – Ages 10-14

Focus on play and enhancing scoring skills while building competitive golf experiences.

Key concepts:
• Putting – distance control, green reading, ball position and aim 
• Optimizing driving for distance and direction
• Swing plane
• General physical condition and health – balance, flexibility, posture, core strength, stability, and cardiovascular endurance 
• Understanding the Rules of Golf and exceptional etiquette. 
• Knowledge of how far participants generally hit all clubs in their golf bag. 

Evening Program same dates as above but from 5:00 pm-7:30 pm


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