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At Chris Foley Golf our goal is to be the most complete club fitting services in the Midwest.  We are one of only three facilities in the four state area of Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, and South Dakota that utilizes TrackMan.  TrackMan is the most technologically advanced golf swing and ball flight analysis tool.

TrackMan golf radar is the choice for swing and ball flight analysis by golf’s leading authorities: the PGA Tour and the R & A, as well as TOUR Pros, equipment manufactures, coaches, retailers, club fitters and broadcast media.



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There is a close relationship between instruction and golf equipment.  Club fitting will not only help your game, but will benefit in swing changes that you are implementing in your game.  The benefit from club fitting is substantial and we believe every player, regardless of their level play should be fit when investing in new equipment.

The combination of the best technology, great golf instruction, a huge selection of fitting and demo clubs, and expert fitting will put you into equipment that will truly improve your game.

Club Fitting Services
The Tour Fitting Experience
The ultimate fitting experience.  A complete bag fitting; driver, fairway metals and hybrids, irons, wedges and putter.  Includes gap analysis and identifying the proper set make up to ensure that each club in the bag covers a prescribed distance.  Three hours in length.
Cost: $300.00 ($150.00 credit toward equipment purchase)

Woods Fitting: $100.00 ($60.00 credit toward equipment purchase)

Iron Fitting: $100.00 ($60.00 credit toward equipment purchase)

Wedge Fitting
To optimally fit your wedges, the process includes determining the number of wedges, the loft of those wedges, and the best bounce angles.  Putting wedges in your bag that will optimize scoring opportunities is one of the easiest ways to lower your scores!  $100.00 ($60.00 credit toward equipment purchase)


Putter Fitting
Very few players play with a putter that put them in a set up position that gives them the best opportunity to make an efficient putting stroke.  The process includes determining a player’s aiming tendencies and matching head shape and style to those tendencies.  We use video analysis to aid in determining the correct length and lie angle of the putter.  $100.00 ($60.00 credit toward equipment purchase)

GAP Analysis
TrackMan allows us to measure with precision the average carry and rollout for each club in your bag.  The process includes determining the average carry distance with each club in your bag and will determine if you have club overlap or need to add clubs to your bag.  You will receive a printout with each club yardage following the analysis.  Knowing your exact distances eliminates guesswork and increases confidence.  $100.00


We proudly fit all major brands in golf including:

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